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Fear, Frustration, Anger Safety- Kidpower Shorts - Episode 4

Kidpower Shorts - Episode 4: Emotional Safety - Fear, Frustration, Anger

Today we're talking about emotional safety and how to keep yourself safe around anger and other upset feelings such as frustration and fear, whether these feelings come from yourself or from someone else around you.

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Lots of challenging things happen in our personal lives, in the lives of people close to us and in the world in general. A lot of times these challenging things can cause lots of upset feelings such as fear frustration and anger.

Having lots of upset feelings can make people behave in ways that are less safe either for themselves or for the people around them. Fortunately, there are lots of skills you can learn to help keep yourself and other people safe around anger fear and other upset feelings.

What causes upset feelings?

It may be the actions of a specific person, the actions of many people or events completely outside anyone's control such as natural disasters or rude words.

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Something that causes someone to explode with feelings in this way is called a trigger. Triggers can be all sorts of different things and can be very different from each other. It is helpful to start being aware of your own triggers and of the triggers of the people around you so that you can take care of your safety.

This video is about a number of ways that can help you deal with lots of upset feelings such as fear frustration and anger and being aware of others with upset such feelings so that you can be safe if and when they occur.

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