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Forcing Kids To Show Affection Could Be Dangerous

Forcing Kids To Show Affection Could Be Dangerous

Even though kids are able to enthusiastically communicate their feelings, many now believe that they should be allowed to decide when to communicate those feelings.

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And if a child is expressing apprehension being around someone, we should be paying attention to them. If they are forced to hug people that they don't want to hug, they learn that they do not have complete control over their own bodies. We shouldn't be teaching children that they are offending someone for not giving them the physical affection they're asking for.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Some people have warned that forcing children to hug sends the message that they do not control their bodies.
  • High-fives are a way for children to give polite greetings without being forced to hug.
  • There are books for helping children as young as three learn about boundaries and consent.

"When my child was a 6-year-old, I used to enthusiastically encourage him to hug and kiss his friends or family members." Perhaps this is not always appropriate? 

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