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Judo Game: Spin Hiza-Garuma

Judo Game: Spin Hiza-Garuma

This game came about because when I was a Junior Judoka I found that a number of players fell into the trap of pulling me into a spinning movement in order to... honestly I don't really know what they were trying to do but it was the perfect setup for me to do Hiza-Garuma. It's also just happens to be a lot of fun.

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When you consider that the set-up for Hiza-Garuma is kind of a half-spin as you enter, it is not too hard to see that it has a use for juniors. In the game they get a much better feel of the correct movement and because it is a game they don't get tired of it as a drill.

It is not subsititue for proper uchi-komi as if you were to do it all the time you would be practicing in some bad habits but a as game to introduce the throw it can be very useful.

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I am always on the lookout for entertaining ways to introduce throws. This spin Hiza-Garuma method/game is not only fun but provided you don't let the students get too carried away, it is perfectly safe and as I said fun.

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