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Jimmy Pedro Teaches You How To Build Your Judo Game!

How To Build Your Judo Game Using The Four Quadrants Of Judo

This video covers competing using the four quadrants of Judo

You need to be able to throw your opponent in all four directions. Hence you need a throw for each of the four different quadrants of the mat so that no matter which way your opponent moves you need a throwing technique that will take advantage of that movement. If you don't have this your opponent should be able to note the difference and take advantage of your weakness.

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If Uke moves in one direction and then changes to the opposite direction you will be able to follow through and try to throw him in that direction.

The video will take you through the 4 preferred throws of Jimmy Prado by way of example but you would be better served by working out your preferred throws and training with them.

This does not of course mean that you should never train with other throws. You never know when one of the throws that are not in your normal set of throws may just suddenly present itself. Besides styles change over time and if you are not training in other throws you are potentially left behind and your regular opponents or even those that are just observant will pick up on that and take advantage of you.

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Having said that if you want to be a Judoka that other Judoka are weary of, you will be one that will trains with a set of at least 4 throws. One to cover each quadrant.

On a side note, you should also train with combinations of these throws. Both backwards and forwards and your counter reportage should be constantly building.

Train so that all that you practice becomes instinctive.

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