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Kuchiki-taoshi - Sort Of Translates As Heal Drop Judo Throw

Kuchiki-taoshi - Sort Of Translates As Heal Drop Judo Throw

Kuchiki-taoshi (Koochi-Ki-Ta-Oshi). When you say it, it starts out like you are going to talk to a baby with Koochi Koo but it finishes differently. This is another throw that is part of the extended Gokyo and you cannot use it in competition because of the no leg grab rule. You will see a version of this throw in the Go Shin Jitsu Kata.

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It looks like a throw that kids use on each other in the playground or even something a rugby player would use to put another player on the ground. Disregarding the legalities of such activities it is kind of amusing to watch people fail at it, despite its apparent simplicity. It doesn't always fail, which is why people persist in trying it. But when it does fail it is because the thrower has assumed that the Kuzushi (balance breaking) is in the lifting of the leg and it is not.


You should pay special attention to the position of Tori in the video below when they throw is executed. The Kuzushi is is actually when Tori moves the arm behind Uke.

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Just because someone is standing on one leg does not mean that they are off-balance. Even lifting the leg may not put Uke off balance. I have seen incredibly flexible people have their leg lifted above their head and still remains standing. If you do not move behind Uke after you have lifted the leg or lift Uke off the ground and backwards, they may remain on balance forever.

One final point: This is a hard throw, so be kind to your Uke.

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