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Tsuri Komi Goshi & Seo Nage: How To Do Them Well

Natural Judo Movement for Tsuri Komi Goshi & Seo Nage

Seo Nage is one of the most used Judo throws in the Go Kyo. Yet the application in both practice and competition is often forced and cumbersome. Whereas Tsuri Komi Goshi is possibly the least used throw, except in Kata, is disliked because to get it to work, most feel it has to be forced and is cumbersome.

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Interestingly, watching this video by 8th Dan Hiroshi Katanishi called Natural Judo Movement, a sharp eye will see how the two throws are related. Done as preparation for Tsuri Komi Goshi & Seo Nage you should be able to see a significant improvement in the placement of your hip for both throws.

The hip placement of both throws is what throws (pun intended) most newbies when it comes to these two throws. If what is done in the video were done as part of your Uchi Komi (turning practice), before you did any Tsuri Komi Goshi or Seo Nage, I feel sure you will notice the difference, particularly in Tsuri Komi Goshi.

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A Few Dozen Uchi Komi Without Hands

Once you have done a few dozen Uchi Komi without hands, it then should be a simple matter of placing your hands where they should be, depending on the throw and feeling the improvement.

I use the word feel quite deliberately. You have to feel the improvement. It is obvious that you can't watch what you are doing when you have you back to your partner and a video of you doing it, only registers in your visual memory, so you have to feel it.

In fact, when you do the Natural Judo Movement as Uchi Komi, once you think you have gotten the hang of it, you should continue to repeat it with your eyes closed, at least a half dozen more times, before you attempt the hand placement for the actual throw. That way when you turn in for the actual throw you can recall that feeling you had with your eyes closed and have a much better chance of getting your hip placement correct as you prepare to do the throw.

If nothing else, this is a fun exercise and it can't hurt to try. If however you are concerned, do it on a crash mat to start with.

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