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Mifune's Judo Counters & Goshinjitsu Technique

Mifune's Judo Counters & Goshinjitsu Technique are Legendary

There is no doubt Mifune's Judo Counters & Goshinjitsu technique is legendary and I invite you to enjoy the skill and learn from this Master with the video below.
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Sooner or later you are going to come across the name Mifune if you are in or associated with the Judo community. He is a very significant player in the growth and development of Judo and who's photo and image appears in many old videos and books on that subject.

This video is old but for its age, it is quite sharp. It is also in Japanese but as long as you are happy to read the subtitles it is more than just interesting and a historical reference, you will learn a lot.

Pay particular attention to the Goshinjitsu. It's not the same one I do in the club but the association that it has with other Kata is very usful.

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Anyway have a look at it. There are some very useful counters and one or 2 very crative throws. At least I think they are crative.

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