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Uchimata Practice Using Yoga Techniques

Here is an interesting approach to Uchimata practice. Yoga movements to help build a more powerful and more stable Uchi Mata.

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There is little doubt that an increase in flexibility is a worthwhile thing when you are doing Judo and anything that you can do to improve yours is a very worthwhile thing to do. However, despite promoting that element there are some things beyond that aspect that are also worth noting.

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As demonstrated in the video below there is a twist at the end of the throwing motion for Uchi mate that most people miss. At least the ones that struggle with the throw.

Everybody should know that there are 3 stages of any throw that is effective:

  • Tsukuri
  • Ksushi
  • Gake

Gake is the finishing or completion of the throw and that is often the element that is missing from many if not all failed Uchimata. In fact, it is often missing from those that succeed, which can be seen from the awkward way Uke lands.

You may not be able to do the stretching that is suggested in this video, although I highly recommend that you do the best that you can but you can only benefit from learning how to do the twist at the end of this throw.

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