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Blind Leading The Blind: Visually Impaired Judo Lesson For Sited

What Visually Impaired Judo Sited

Who says that you can't take just take a grip and fight. A visually Impaired Judo player has been doing it for many years. There is little or no grip fighting, they can't afford to and yet I defy anybody to say that their fights are not just as exciting, skilful, strategic and powerful, all without the guile of grip fighting.

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It is said that there are none so blind as those who will not see and in my mind that is the case here. We have sighted players who just can't see that grip fighting is a waste of time and energy and blind (or Visually Impaired) player leading the way to how it should be done. It is a case of the blind leading the blind in a positive way.

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Those who read my blog will know that one of my pet hates is the patter-cake game that goes on at the beginning of almost every judo match these days. You know what I mean. Each Judoka tries to take their grip and gets slapped away by the other player who then, in turn, tries to take a grip only to have their hand slapped away and so on until the referee calls a halt or someone eventually gets a grip.

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