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Easy and Creative Ways To Add More Exercise To Your Day

Is staying fit this year one of your goals? Are your daily hurdles coming in the way of you breaking a sweat at the gym? Well here are some of the ways you can try to add more exercise to your daily life, while you still do great at your office and your home.

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Sort yourself out:

One of the major reasons you can’t take out from your day for exercise is because you’re not organized at all. I know people don’t want to hear that, but it’s true.

Until and unless you’re a professional athlete with a personal trainer chance are you don’t know when to eat, sleep, wakeup or exercise. The chances of you getting yourself a personal trainer are few in my guess, therefore, I suggest you do his work yourself. Start making yourself a properly timed routine where you know exactly what to do and when to do it. This will give you time out of your day for exercise, and you can work out according to this schedule.

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Know what’s good for you:

All of us live our lives doing what we think is fun and enjoyable. I mean this in very general terms, it doesn’t matter what’s it about, people want to have what they like. What can happen with personal choice though is, that not everything you like is actually good for you. You need to start thinking about yourself and realize but is good and what is bad for your health.

Let’s talk about our interests. I can say with some confidence that most of you guys reading won’t go for a walk for an hour but play Call of Duty or Fifa for 3 hours straight. Video games and other such stuff have incorporated themselves into our lives and we ourselves don’t want to do anything about it. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way am I insinuating that video games are only bad for you, hell I just got up from playing uncharted an hour ago, what I’m saying is that where games can be good for you they certainly won’t help you out physically. Sports like, Judo, football, soccer, tennis are what will. So I suggest you change your priorities a bit and start playing a physically challenging sport.

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Boxing could really be one of the sport for you. It won’t just give you the exercise of the day you need but will also jog your interest. This you can exercise and have fun, both at the same time, sounds crazy doesn’t it. So get those boxing gloves now and start your weirdly fun exercise now.

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Integrate Exercise into your Life:

When your life is all about fitness you’ll automatically get more exercise. Start exercising wherever, and however, you can. Let’s see some of the stuff in your daily routine that is just waiting to be all about the workout.

  1. Change your Traveling Ways

  2. This is really simple and most of us do it all the time. Walk. It’s as simple as it gets. Whenever you have to go places nearby don’t take the car take your god given miracles, legs. You could ride the bike instead of taking the subway. You could park the car far away in your parking lot, and walk the rest of the distance. Just try to walk every time you can. You save your health and better than that, your fuel.

  3. Make most of your Mornings

  4. Waking up in the morning can already be tough enough and exercising, that’s a whole another story. Well, trust me when I tell you, exercising in the morning will be great for your health. Just wake up, stretch yourself out a bit. Do some squats and pushups, nothing that special. When you’re finished just carry on with your usual stuff. From just a 10 minute decrease from your day, you get a healthy exercise.

  5. Clean the House a Bit

  6. And just don’t mean this for the ladies okay. Everyone should contribute to cleaning up the house, whether man or woman, husband or wife. This way you’ll keep the household clean and hygienic and you’ll burn away some calories in the meantime. So start scrubbing the house from the toilets to the kitchens and don’t worry about getting chubby anymore, because studies prove that cleaning the house easily burns over a hundred calories.


These were just some of the ways I pointed out how you could make your life all about exercise, you can figure some of the other stuff out yourself. You could do jumping jacks while watching a show on TV or even move your hands and feet a bit while you sit down on your desk in your office. Anything really that can get you moving in any way will be good for you.

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