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Judo Ground Fighting: Tobi Kata Ha Jime

Judo Ground Fighting Turnover

Here is a video on a really useful Judo Ground Fighting Turnover.

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The biggest problem with the video is that the instructor talks way too much particularly in the beginning. I recommend that if you are impatient like me you skip through to about 54 sec in.

Other than that it is a good turnover. I do like the initiating turnover at the start as well so the upside is that you get two turnovers for the price of one.

These are both basic moves but their simplicity is what makes them work even at the elite level.

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The presenter calls it Tobi Kata Ha Jime and it's as good a name as any.

Of course, no one except the most inexperienced player is going to let you get your hand under the chin like that. So you are either going to have to work hard at the entry and hope that you don't run out of time or have your hand already there when you go to the ground. The latter is the most viable as long as you haven't deliberately dragged your opponent to the ground. That would be illegal.

The rule of thumb then is that when you throw, if you can tell it is going to be a pretty ordinary throw, don't let go of the collar unless it will cause and injury. Either to you or your partner.

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