Kata Garumma: Competition Vesion Tokyo Grand Slam 2014

Kata Garumma: The Fastest Throw at the Tokyo Grand Slam 2014

Who'd of thought that you could win a Judo competition let alone one as prestigious as the Tokyo Gand Slam with a Kata Guruma.

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When I was a Junior It was considered impossible to win a competition with Kata Guruma. No one would let you lift them like that, it was said. Then one day someone thought of doing it the way it is done in the video below.

It is of course not the demonstration Kata version but it is still an acceptable variation.

Of course you do have to be careful with anything that involves you dropping to both your knees. The number of Judoka throughout the world, that are under the impression that if you go to you knees, the referee will think you are doing a real attack when you just trying to make it look like you are doing something to avoid penalty for none combativeness, is disturbing.

Also you should be aware that if you do a Kata Guruma and miss you are open to a strangle. But if you keep that in mind it is a good throw.

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