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Walk To School: Talk Walk And Practice With Your Kids

Is It Safe For You Kids To Walk to School By Themselves?

It is possible to get the impression that it is never safe for your children to walk to school without an armed escort these days. But there are countries in the world where it is considered most unusual if not unacceptable for a child, not to be walking to school by themselves almost as soon as they are old enough to go to school.

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Based on this information there are many parents reconsidering their protectiveness of their children and trying to figure out just how they can give them more independence without increasing the risk.

If you are one of these parents then you may want to read this pdf.

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Walking Back From School

There are quite a few things to consider in preparation for walking to school, beyond the usual things of which way do you go; what roads do you cross and how do you go about crossing the roads. Things like "how do you handle strangers?"; where do you go to get help if you need it?; what do you do in an emergency? and a whole bunch of other issues.

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But most of all you need to practice. Teach them the rules then walk with them and reinforce the rules. Once you are sure they have mastered the rules let them walk a little ahead of you then as you are sure they a getting it lingers behind them.

This is nothing to do with spying or lack of confidence in your child and everything to do with making sure they have a thorough grasp of the rules.

Not all of your concerns will be dealt with by the article but it will go a long way to getting your child to walk to school by themselves if that is what you want.

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