Kids Self Defense : The Joy And Danger Of Keeping Secrets

The relationship of kids self defense and Secrets

One of the biggest problems when it comes to kids self defense and safety is, secrets.

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Secrets are a big part of a child's life particularly as they move to years 4 and above of their education. There is a tremendous joy in keeping secret that birthday, Christmas or other gift that you are planning on giving to someone. Little can give more joy than saying nothing about that surprise party or vacation. You just can't beat a secret that will give someone pleasure or enhance a relationship.

Keeping quiet about something because you care about someone or because it keeps you safe and it is safe to keep quiet or because you don't want to give away your study groups best ideas before it is handed in. These are all good things to keep to yourself until the appropriate time to share them comes.

But secrets are also potentially dangerous. The wrong secret can be extremely damaging, emotionally and even physically. Some secrets can even be life threatening.

Good kids self defense teachers about secrets.

So how do you teach a child the difference between a good secret and a bad one?

There is no an easy answer to this however, their are some things that can be done.

Image of child hiding behind leaves: Kids Self Defense - Secrets, a Joy or Danger?
Secrets Can Be A Joy or Dangerous
I came across this article about "What Kinds of Secrets Are Okay for Children to Keep – And What Kinds Are Not?

There is some really good advice and I recommend that ever parent should read it but not just for the children. There are ideas here that I think should be applied to adults as well.

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