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How To Be Good At Judo: What Defines Good Judo?

Judoka who threw the Sensei

Knowing how to be good at Judo is a big thing for Judoka (Judo Students). It's much more than just being very skilful or even being able to land well.

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Some time ago, before Facebook and Twitter and all the others, there were email lists.

I was on one, in particular, that was a Martial Arts / Judo list and even without the benefit of pictures, I found it immensely helpful.

There were people on that list, of all experience levels and for the most part, most freely gave of their experience without backbiting and any nastiness. It was not unusual for even the less experienced to be able to contribute something.

One story I remember that made me think, was from a Judoka that had newly attended a dojo in Japan. He said he remembered being very excited and very nervous as you would.

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When he got on the mat he was very surprised to be asked to go out the front and show his Judo.

It was described as a most embarrassing display. He was thrown all over the dojo.

Just before he picked himself up for the final time, as they were finishing the session the Sensei came over to him and to his surprise said... "Good Judo".

"Say what" was his immediate response in his head; as he would not have dared speak at this point. After all, he had spent the entire session mostly on his back, with occasional standing to break the monotony, only to discover himself very quickly re-examining the roof. What on earth did the Sensei mean by "Good Judo".

How To Be Good At Judo

It was only as he thought about it he was able to conclude that, to the Sensei, Good Judo meant: the ability to be thrown; land well, get up, be thrown again, yet still keep trying and do it with a good attitude.

I don't know about you but it made me think!

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