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Stranger Danger Program is A Complete Failure

Going For Something Better Than The Stranger Danger

It is time we junked the Stranger Danger program for something better. 

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It was considered a major breakthrough in the protection of kids from the stranger that was just waiting to pick up your child the moment you had your back turned. It was so revolutionary that it was rapidly picked up by schools and institutions, parents and teachers alike. This was going to be the thing that saved our kids.

And then came the clanger. It didn't work! Well, that's not altogether true; it did have some effect. There was an improvement in vigilance and there probably were some children that were made safer. But the problem was the realization that most assaults on children were not and still are not carried out by strangers. It's just not that simple.

It's The Relatives

It's the relatives, the trusted scoutmaster, the trusted priest, the trusted teacher, the trusted baby sitter. How are we to protect against all that trust? Do we just teach kids not to trust anybody? Do we refuse to trust ourselves?

Well, that won't work either. You can't live life without trust. It becomes a complete disaster when you teach kids not to trust. What happens when you need help and the only person available is a stranger? For that matter, most of the people that we rely on for help, the ones we know we can trust were strangers once. How can we possibly help our children to navigate through life if we teach them nothing but mistrust?

Let's face it, the Stranger Danger program is dead, unfortunately, no one has told anybody yet including the educational institutions that we rely on to pass on this information to us and our children. We still have this program preached from much of the Media and many schools.

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Teach Us How To Deal Correctly With Strangers

We have to teach our children and each other, how to deal correctly with strangers but not just a stranger. We have to learn how to deal with each other so that we can build trust.

The following article shows that there are people out there that are working hard to change our thinking. But teaching such self-defence is not easy. The problem is the original program was simple. Knowing how to build trust and mutually beneficial relationships is not. Still read this article it helps.

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