Ushiro-Goshi, Side Tomoe-Nage, O-Soto-Gari, Powerful O-Uchi-Gari

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The Ushiro-Goshi, Side Tomoe-Nage, O-Soto-Gari, O-Uchi-Gari Set

This video discusses Judo throws that are rarely discussed. Throws like Ushiro-Goshi, side Tomoe-Nage and O-Soto-Gari as well as a very powerful version of O-Uchi-Gari.

It's in Russian but even if that language is unfamiliar to you the demonstrations are very clear.

You'd want to make sure that the big run up for the throws was only a practice method and not in your competition training. Particularly today with the starting position opening the door for a potential penalty but there is no doubt that such a lead in gives the player a much better understanding of the commitment required to execute.

Of course until the IJF come to their senses and allow leg grabs again, Ushiro-Goshi is effectively banned but that doesn't stop you from practicing it in the club.

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