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Kansetsu Waza: A Judo Standing Armlock Worth Developing

A Standing Armlock That Can be Pulled Off

I like the idea of a standing armlock but I have never been able to pull one off in competition. They seem to me to be a great tool to develop.

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This armlock was sent to me some time ago and I really like it Though I never got to use it I thought that I would share it.

The time to use it is when someone has a grip on your left lapel near your collarbone and is holding you fairly close, so their arm is bent at the elbow. Take your left hand and slide it up so your wrist is between his wrist and your body, with your fingers pointed up towards the ceiling (palm facing to your right). This gives uke the feeling that you're resisting the grip, but weakly--so it doesn't seem suspicious, but also doesn't seem threatening.

To do the armlock, quickly turn towards your left and simultaneously slip your right arm up between his elbow and ribs, so your right hand should go up past his shoulder level. Quickly join your hand's palm to palm and straighten your arms at the elbow--you've got him in standing Ude-Garami.

Why Is there no video? Well, I guess I have to make one, one day because I can't find one doing this articular version on line. All of the ones I've found have too much talking and are not the same.

To be fair, only the most inexperienced play would get caught by this but that doesn't mean you can't use it to set someone up for something else.

A couple of important points: the turn is important, as is making sure you get the angle just right, or else uke can escape by just straightening his arm and wriggling away.

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One sensei said it was one of his "secret weapons" when he was in tournaments...just about everyone would watch out for his Seoi-Nage, so this was one of his techniques he could pull out of the blue when someone had him too well scouted. :-)

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