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Jigaro Kano Doing Ju No Kata (Forms of Yielding or Gentleness)

You know, I'm sure everybody in the whole Judo community has seen this video of Jigaro Kano doing Ju No Kata (Forms of Yielding or Gentleness) by now but I just get a kick out of it so much that I decided to share it again. I think it is really net to be able to watch or founder perform this classic Kata.

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There is a disturbing element, however, when watching Jigaro Kano doing Ju No Kata, under today's rules this, our founding father of all Judoka, would probably not win any Kata contest.

It's a bit ironic really that times and rules have changed so much that the man who started it all would have to do retraining in this Kata were he around today.

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I'm not exactly sure whether the change in rules is an indictment on modern judo or if it's just a sign of the sort of growth that Shihan Kano would be proud of and to some degree, I don't really care, it's still pretty net to watch.

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