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UFC Self Defense: Are Ultimate Fighters Safer On The Street?

Is UFC Self Defense?

What is the point of UFC Self Defense? Really?

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I've watched some video on UFC (Ultimate Fighting Contest) and for the life of me, I cannot see the point.

I've had discussions with other Martial Artists about its value and there seem to be only two stock answers:

  1. I'm told they enjoy the contest
  2. They are of the opinion that it improves their self-defence

Now as for #1: I enjoyed my time as a Judo contest player but I've never enjoyed hurting or getting hurt. UFC seems to be about hurting others as much as you can. Or getting hurt. I just don't understand this.

Why would anybody want to go about getting hurt?

I have, over the years come across a number of Judoka who seem to want to hurt others but I've never found them to be much of a challenge and any pleasure they do get seems to be short-lived. In fact the less you react to such players the more upset they seem to get till eventually they make a serious error and loose. They are usually so busy concentrating on hurting they forget good technique.

I'm afraid that from what I've seen, most of the players in UFC seem to fall into this category. They are not particularly skilful, just brutal. I just don't understand it. But whatever gets you going I guess so beyond that I can't really comment.

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As for #2: I am mystified about the UFC Self Defense. I don't see how it could even come close to making any kind of improvement.

The very essence of good self-defence is the use of everything in order to overcome. So that means using your environment and the physical things around you as well as your intelligence, knowledge and skill all to one end. Keeping yourself safe.

As a lifeguard, I keep myself safe by not putting myself in danger; in order that I can help others. Therefore being safe may mean that I run away, that I throw something, distract or trick my opponent, all so that I can keep myself safe.

What Good Self Defense Means

It doesn't mean that that you are faster stronger or better trained; though these things may help.

It does mean that you outwit your protagonist.

How does putting yourself in the way of the moving truck such as most Ultimate Fighting Contest people seem to do, help?

Worse, as you get more damaged from such fights or for that matter just older, you are going to slow down. How will UFC help then?

In the videos that I watched, I only saw two good fights out of about 14 and both of those were over in a matter of seconds. They were good fights because the winners used what they had learned and kept out of the way of their opponent and used the skill wisely and swiftly. In other words, they used their intelligence (except for the fact they were in the ring in the first place).

Basically, they were smarter than their opponent.

I think of two profound comments that sum up my opinion of UFC Self Defense and them in no way related to Ultimate Fighting Contests:

"Best block ... No be there" - Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid II


"You don't have to worry about the street fighter that is covered in
scars from head to foot as frightful as that might look. You have to
worry about the one with not a mark on them. They are the most
dangerous." - Nicky Cruze, Run Baby Run

I think that UFC is a waste of time as far as self-defence goes.

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