Judo Competition New Two Hand Rule

Here are some very traditional escapes from the grips in response to the new two hand rule.

All will work if you catch Uke by surprise but you may want to be a little careful with some of them as you could end up with a penalty for a different reason.

    For example:
  • When using a raised elbow escape be very careful not to hit you opponent in the head... instant disqualification.
  • When using the rotation arm around the back of you Uke's hand watch that it does not turn into a wrist lock

Since there is a determination of contemporary players to want to break a grip instead of working with whatever they are offered (now that is real judo) I'll keep looking for others.

There are modern rule changes that I think are stupid but strangely this is not one of them. I've never been an elite player and never really aspired to be one so I can't really speak for that level of competitor, but one of the things that attracted me to judo when I first started was the genteel nature of the design. You would walk up to a player and on "Hujima" you would both take a grip and fight.

None of this Patter Cake nonsense trying to find a grip.

Through injury I left judo for about 2 years and when I came back everybody wanted to wast most of the fighting time playing hand-zies to get the best grip.

This really board me, so I would give up a none-combativeity penalty in order to let the other player get their grip. Much more fun and much more challenging... true judo to me.

So I for one hope that this new rule stops this time wasting rubbish in it's tracks:I can dream can't I.

Anyway see what you make of the video. I know it's pretty stock standard stuff but it's a start.

Also feel free to let me know your opinion about my post (was I controversial enough?)


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