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Harai Goshi: It's Not A Leg Sweep & 12 Must Know Setups Video

Setting Up Harai Goshi

Harai Goshi is reputed to have come about because Professor Kano was having trouble using Uki Goshi, his favourite throw, on Shiro Saigo one of his top students of the time. In fact, this is said to be reflected in the order of the second set of the Nage No Kata.

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There is little doubt that Harai Goshi is a very popular throw both in Shiai (competition for points) and Randori (competition without points or training competition). But for the beginner, it can appear to be a very confusing throw.

The confusion stems from the fact that it looks like the leg that comes off the ground and extends past the hip, is sweeping Uke's leg and that is not the case. If it were it would be an Ashi (leg) and not a Goshi (hip).

Yes, the leg is extended and it does move back in an apparent sweeping action but it does so as a result of the motion of bringing uke over the hip, not as a distinct action. In other words, it moves as a result of the momentum of the throw.

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Why is this even a problem? Well, if you are putting effort into sweeping the raised extended leg you are taking away some of the momenta of the rotating action.

Think about it, if Hari Goshi came about as a reaction to a failed Uki Goshi it only stands to reason that it should retain some of the actions of Uki Goshi. That means you should be concentrating on a twisting action like Uki Goshi except with one leg raised and extended.

If you are having difficulty with Hari Goshi it may be that you are putting effort into a sweeping action that is not supposed to be there.

There is plenty of variation of Hari Goshi but none of them should involve a sweeping leg. You can get a good idea of all the different variation from the video below.

The second video is there becasue of its quality and to show what the official vertion is like.

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