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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Judo

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Judo

Judo is a great sport that not only tests your physical limits but also incorporates mental strength. The tenants of Judo go far beyond the gym as well, as you will begin to respect and accept the challenges you face in other aspects of your life.

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Those who practice this martial art typically have better self-control, problem-solving capabilities. It's clear that the lessons learned from Judo translate into plenty of positive factors throughout your everyday life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Judo is a great way to get exercise in and it also is great because while you're improving your body and cardio, you're learning a beneficial skill.
  • Judo helps practice discipline and self-control. It also will allow you to build confidence in yourself over time.
  • Judo is a martial art and is even in the Olympics. It can also be practised by anyone at any age and is all-inclusive.

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"A Judoka will need to have the hand speed of a boxer and the finesse and flexibility of a dancer. Anyone who does Judo will soon find their cardiovascular fitness will be rapidly increased as will their strength."

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