Judo Throw Combinations - Ko Uchi Gari & Tomoe Nage

Unusual Judo Combinations

Tomoe Nage was one of my preferred throws when I was a junior, though not usually in Judo throw combinations.

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There was something about being able to smoothly transition from standing to the ground that made me feel very comfortable with the throw. It just made me feel so relaxed and Ne Wasa (sort for groundwork) was beckoning to me.

I have never seen nor even considered this combination of Ko Uchi Gari & Tomoe Nage but it looks great.

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Looking Great is Not Always Good

Of course, looking great is not always a good idea to do it. There are obvious concerns about whether about doing any kind of sacrifice throw in competition. Still, if you could convince the referee that you were in complete control and that you initiated the throw there would be no problem.

With that caveat place, you want to have Judo throw combinations such as this thoroughly practised before you try it in competition. Otherwise, it looks like a great combination.

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