Ouchi Gari, Okuri Ashi Bari Combination

If you are a foot work person then the combination in the video below is perfect for you. Don't be put off by the Okuri Ashi Bari as many people are. Okuri Ashi Bari can be a very useful throw if you know how to use it and this is one of the better uses.

The video does however concentrates on the foot work, which is very important as this is a timing throw. That is your timing has to be good in order to pull this one off. But there is little or no emphasis on the hand movement, yet that is of at least equal importance.

What the video only shows you if you are observant, is the lift that is given to Uke (the person being thrown) by Tori(the thrower) a moment before the sweep. If you don't lift, Uke's feet will be planted into the mat and you will not be able to sweep. No sweep no combination!

In fact this is a common mistake that Judoka make all the time with uncombined Okuri Ashi Bari. You must lift Uke just before you throw them. It is one of the less popular throws because people can't get it to work for them but they can't get it to work because they fail to lift.

Looking at the video you could be forgiven for thinking that the finishing throw is not Okuri Ashi Bari but rather Ko Soto Gari because in the vision you see Tori appear to sweep only one leg from the outside. But looking more closely you can clearly see that Uke's balance is broken to the side not to the rear as it is in Ko Soto Gari. You can confirm that by the way Uke lands.

As I have implied this is a somewhat underused combination Judo throw but that is a good thing. After all if everybody is using the same combination, everybody knows how to block that combination and you end up with a skill that you have practiced yet have no capacity to use. This is worthwhile practicing for the very reason that it is underused. That way you have a much greater chance of catching you opponent by surprise.

This is a good combination try it.

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