How Do I Get Better At Judo? Judo Workouts

Judo:"How Do I Get Better"

Sooner or later I think every coach gets asked the question: "how do I get better at Judo"?

The answer is of course very easy: "Do Judo"!

No I'm not trying to be funny. It is the correct answer for any sport.

I have done many coaching courses over the years with coaches from many different sports and no matter what the sport, the best way to get better at that sport is to do that sport. The more you do the sport the better you will get. Hence the more you do that is specific to your sport of choice; in this case judo, the better you will perform.

But there is more to Judo that 1000 Osto-gari Uchi Komi or any other throw for that matter. To get better at Judo you want a workout that will help develop you as more than a specialist of one throw or even several throws. You are looking for something that will improve your fitness by giving you a great workout as well as something that is Judo related.

For example Running is a great cardio activity but it will do more for developing you as a runner that a Judoka. In fact it may end up only helping you cardio for Judo a very little because the exercise is so much different to Judo.

I have read about top level ballerinas that can do things in there field and hardly break out in a puff, yet report being close to exhaustion when doing non ballet related activities. I have watched elite level netball players fall about in a heap after a basket ball game and basketball players struggle to keep up on a netball court. You would think that they are so closely related that there would be no difference but there does appear to be.
So have I just been puffing wind here or do I have a point?

My point is this: good Judoka need good Judo workouts. And I have some excellent Judo workouts for you.

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