Hari Goshi Practice: A Unique Method But Fun Judo Throw!

Fun Ways To Practice Hari Goshi

I have to say that getting students to understand that Hari Goshi is a hip throw and not a leg sweep can be challenging at times.

There is something in the physical or psychological makeup (perhaps both) of some people, that just will not allow them to let go of the idea that you do not have to make contact with your sweeping leg to make this throw work. In fact having your sweeping leg physically making contact with your opponents body is more often that not a hindrance to an effective throw.

The purpose of the sweeping leg in this throw is to generate momentum in your body rotation and to effectively make you hip a much harder area to move around.

Legend has it that the became popular when it was used by professor Kano to stop Shiro Saigo from stepping around his preferred Uki Goshi.

As junior we were required to lift our sweeping leg sideways as high as we could before we were allowed to attempt completing the throw; something that does not seem to be taught these days. The throw was then completed as Uki Goshi. Hence we began to learn Hari Goshi as Uki Goshi with our leg stuck out to the side. In this position it is near impossible to hold your off ground leg still as you do the throw. Once we had realized this, it was a simple matter of making us deliberately move the leg back as fast as we could as we threw and the real Hari Goshi was borne in us. But to be fare it is kind of a boring way to learn it.

Now here is a fun and unique way to practice Hari Goshi.

!!!Oops video has been removed sorry!!! If you have any fun ways to practice Hari Goshi please let me know.

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