Ashi Wasa - Name That Judo Throw

Is That Um Ashi Wasa?

Every now and then, along comes a throw that defies categorization.

Of course you can just call it Ashi Wasa as they have here. You would be right of course because Ashi wasa simply means Leg Throw, in this context so it's hard to miss. But its nice to put throws into categories because it makes them repeatable and if you can repeat something you can teach it.

Now I'm a big believer in not giving new names to every variation of any particular throw that comes along. I know that some would say that contradicts what I just said but to my mind, if you name every variation you teach out imagination.

Besides as I have said before a throw should be defined by it's Kazushi. That is, whenever you look at a throw and ask what is the difference between this throw and another, you should be able to look at how the balance is broken and see that it is different from the way the other throw breaks the balance. If it is not different then it is just a variation of a throw not a different throw.

Which leads to the throw below. It is a really nice throw but I can't think of any other throw that breaks the balance in the same way. So does that mean it should or does have its own name. If it does have its own name, what is it? If not what should it be called?

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