Judo Afghan Style: Who Needs Mats

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Judo Afghan was sent to me on facebook and I was just captivated. I wonder how you would get along if you disagreed with the referee decision; given all the guns about?

When you consider all the effort I have gone into over the year to ensure that my club has appropriate and safe mats and then you watch the video (below), I just have to ask my self why did I bother. I should have just gone down the local sand pit and started class there.

...Well maybe not. I do remember training on real tatami mats for a year. It sure fixed my breakfalls but I sure did complain.

Although it probably wouldn't have bothered me when I was younger. When I was a junior (I forget what belt I was) I have some very vivid memories of training on mats made of compressed cotton and rags. I think, I was never quite sure what was in them but the difference between them and the ground was minimal.

Then I trained on two layers of carper underlay, which was a bit like doing Ukimi directly onto sprung floorboards without any covering. Mat technology has sure come a long way.

I have to admire these guys for competing on sand. I've always said though that Martial artists have a very strange sense of fun. Certainly these guys seem to be enjoying it all.

Why can't the world settle it differences over a judo match?

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