Jigoro Kano: What Modern Sport Owes The Founder Of Judo

Not Aggression, Not Timidity
But Life Skills and
  Discipline in Unbroken Spirits
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To me Jigoro Kano was a Genius

His role in the development of the modern Olympic movement, not to mention world sport is all but forgotten by the world. I don't think I have ever elevated him to level of Saint. But to listen to some who wax lyrical about him you would think that he was. I just think of him as a man who had a passion with the mind to be able to effectively communicate that passion to others.

It's important to know our history as judoka. It's been my experience that those who don't know their history don't have an understanding of where they are going. I'm not talking about spending so much time in the rear vision mirror that your are blinded to that which is in front of you. I am saying that just like any good technique where if you understand the foundations it works better, so if you know your history you are better prepared for what's ahead.

This 12 minute video is a great overview of Jigoro Kano's life. It gives you a much better understanding of what the professor wanted for Judo. I think for the many out there that know little about him this is a great starting point to get to know him.

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