Hane Goshi: A Rally Comprehensive Review of this Judo Throw

Hane Goshi For The Analytical Mind

If you are and advanced Judo player and you have an analytical mind, then you are in for a treat.I was referred to this article called "HANE GOSHI Analysis and technical applications".

The article comes complete with photo demonstrations of most of what is talked about.

I love things like this that are well researched and contribute to my understanding.

For instance, I had never made the connection to Uki Goshi and Hane Goshi before. Yet reading this I wonder "how did I miss it".

There was a paragraph on "Leaning back" that also captured my attention. Unfortunately there are no pictures to help explain this particular part and in the end I wasn't quite sure whether the writer was promoting it or demoting it.

There was one other thing that stood out to me. The paper convinced me even more that those who are promoting the "wrong leg Uchimata" are really teaching Hane Goshi.

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