Anti Bullying Resources: Empower Your Kids

Anti Bullying Resources: Safety Comics

Let me introduce you to 2 fantastic Anti Bullying Resources that have helped mold my approach to Self defense with children. Called "Kid power Safety Comics".

Not every situation that young people and children confront can be solved by knowing how to throw or how to fall. But part of the main premise of Judo is "Mutual welfare and benefit". So how can my older kids stay safe while becoming more independent? And how do I teach my younger kids to be safe with people while not scaring them?

It is possible to not only help answer these questions but provide fun, practical tool for discussion and practices. Both these books give cartoon-illustrated stories that information in an entertaining way.

There are directions for adults on safety skills; basic “People Safety” skills and solutions on bullying, stranger safety, and boundary issues. All set forward in a way that help protect everyone’s emotional and physical well-being.

Young children will ask you to read the comic book again and again and read and re-read it themselves once they can.

These entertaining cartoons and engaging social stories make it easy for adults to provide crucial knowledge and skills so their children can learn to be safe with people they know and with strangers.

Worth owning them!

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