The Pyjama Game: A Journey into Judo - A Book Review

I have a friend Pat, a fellow black belt who used to love to wander through second hand book stores looking for old or discarded martial arts books. He was always bring them to me to read and review. He used to also come across some real disasters that made it easy to see why they had ended up well hidden.

He has retired from judo now so a rarely get to see him. There are so many things I miss about him and the books is one of them. I had cause to reminisce about Pat when I came across this book review on the site ""

It's called The Pyjama Game: A Journey into Judo by Mark Law

The book is a series of stories, and some that are the most interesting are:
  1. the start of Soviet influenced judo
  2. Jigaro Kano's background as a teacher and his part time job
  3. the emergence of the UFC and how just judo fits in to it all
  4. the hardships and struggles that Western Olympic judo players face with funding, training, and post-judo life
  5. fierce female fighters from the poorest parts of Cuba literally fighting for their lives, or at least to have a comfortable life outside of poverty
  6. crushing expectations of Japanese fans on a Ryoko Tamura, the “tiny bundle of spring-loaded aggression” bantamweight fighter who won every contest in complete dominance…except the Olympic gold medal
Anyway read the review but for what ever reason, there is no link given to the book in the review so you'll have to come back here and click on the link above if you want to buy it.


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