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A Judo Turnover - Creative Ne Wasa

A Judo Turnover and Creative Ne Wasa

A Judo Turnover can be a clumsy thing. Sometimes brutal. I have been shown many that look really good but just don't work in contest. Mostly it the stock standard plain turnovers that work best. There is little to be creative with. So it is nice to Here is a turnover that I found on Facebook of all places.

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It looks to me as though it is unlikely to work in real competition but it is intriguing enough to go ahead and try it in class. Even then the real test would be to try it in competition and you have to wait for the correct setup to occur for one's students to be able to give it a go. That could take a while.

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So I publish it here in the hope that others may have tried it and can give an honest assessment as to whether it works or not in full competition.

Let me know what you think.

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